Derek Geslison for Mayor

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Time for the conservative millennials

I am running for Mayor of Spanish Fork as a Conservative Constitutionalist.

I am 28 years old and have lived most my life in Spanish Fork and understand its values and traditions (please see my Goals & Policies page). Being of Icelandic decent, I feel I understand the roots of our great city better than most. I know of the sacrifices my ancestors made to come here and the values they had while helping establish the city. I long to maintain those values and bring us back to our roots.

I am a firm believer in small governments, minimizing taxes (abolishing them to the extent possible) and maintaining freedoms. The only role government should play in your lives is for the protection of your God-given rights including all those mentioned in our Bill of Rights as well as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am committed to lowering taxes, protecting freedoms, removing red tape, and allowing our economy to thrive on free market capitalism.

Why Choose Derek?

You're only 28?

I may be young but my ideas are very old. I believe in the philosophies of liberty espoused by John Locke, embodied by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and executed to fruition in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I hold the values of love, compassion, and truth the Bible puts forth. These values, coupled with my background in my profession make me a perfect mesh of old and new for a better Spanish Fork.

I am currently employed as a Customer Success Manager. My job is to provide the care and support of hundreds of clients across North America. Every single day I am speaking with business owners who often voice their concerns about how their local governments have negatively impacted their businesses and how they wish things would have been handled. This experience, along with the various other professional positions I have held in my life give me a unique perspective into how politics impact everyday, hard-working men and women. I believe I have the ambition, as a young conservative, to prevent those situations that could harm the citizens of our city.

For example: we often hear people talk about the effects that the coronavirus had on economies, how it caused people to lose jobs, lives, and livelihoods. I disagree; I believe it was government overreach that caused devastation to our economy and livelihoods. I would have fought to ensure no businesses were shut down, no one was told that they were "non-essential," and that no unconstitutional mandates would have been enforced or implemented (ie. mask mandates.) That is an encroachment on life and liberty and our leadership should have done more to protect the citizens of this wonderful city. See more about me on my About page.

Me vs. current Mayor

I think Mayor Leifson has done an okay job over the last 8 years, but he has his flaws; flaws that my competitor shares with him. He, along with many before him, including council members, did not have the ambition to fight for the citizens who have struggled, specifically over the last year. As a conservative, I respect those who do not feel the need to interject themselves as a government into every aspect of life, including policy with economic impact, but I do believe the narrow role of government is to protect in various forms, and that requires stepping in and preventing injustice and unconstitutional behaviors as we have seen over the last year in many forms across the country. The Mayor and council allowed unconstitutional mask mandates, agreed with business shut-downs which caused irreparable damage to small businesses, and limited various activities over the last year that would have kept the community involved, healthy, and happy.

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While my experience may seem miniscule in comparison to my competitor, I do not think someone who has held public office for years and years is a direct indication of someone who will do a good job (look at Joe Biden for example.) I think the most important thing in politics is beliefs on policy, voting history, and common sense. I did serve as an elected State Delegate for Utah starting in 2016 where I supported Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for President, as well as Jonathan Johnson for Governor, along with 60% of other State Delegates at the time. I have been extremely involved in politics for my entire adult life and am never one to vote for someone or something without doing my research. To this day I am still proud of the fact that I have never voted for or supported Mitt Romney as I am quite keen on seeing through the smoke screens and lies that politicians often feed us. This is true for many other individuals that have presented themselves to us in Utah and in this country as altruistic and well-intentioned, but don't have the history to prove it. Please see my Goals & Policies page to see what my political beliefs are and how I plan to improve our lovely city.

Icelandic heritage

Icelandic heritage isn't simply something that I have, but that the city of Spanish Fork has. Few people know that there is a monument in Iceland similar to that of the Icelandic Monument in Spanish Fork. I grew up one block from that monument and have very fond memories there. The names of my ancestors are engraved in the stone at each location and remind me of their sacrifices and now I feel I must represent them and their values as Mayor of Spanish Fork. See more about me in my About section.