About Derek Geslison

I am very proud of my heritage and the influences of my life. Firstly, my grandparents on both sides were incredible examples and influences in my life; particularly, my grandfather Byron Geslison, whose name is well known in the city of Spanish Fork. Missionary, patriarch, institute teacher, among many other roles are what led him to not only being well known in our great community, but also receiving the Order of the Falcon, the highest honor given by the government of Iceland. He passed early in my life but before then I loved visiting with him, getting treats after my tee-ball games that he and my grandmother would attend, and consistently hearing amazing stories about him and my father, Daniel Geslison. As pointed out by my father in the picture in the top left, our ancestors were also among those who travelled from Iceland to Spanish Fork to help establish this city.

To see my my goals for Spanish Fork, please see my Goals & Policies page.

Early years

I was born and raised in Spanish Fork and have lived here most of my life. I have always been interested in do-it-yourself projects, even as a child, and carried that interest into a hobby as an adult. I have built various pieces of furniture and remodeled dozens of rooms over the last few years. I have also enjoyed travelling from a very young age which has continued into my adult years and led me to various states and countries. I also worked as a basketball referee at the age of 16 for Spanish Fork city.

I graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 2011 with a 3.9 GPA and then attended 2 semesters of BYU prior to leaving on an LDS mission.

Japan Sapporo Mission

I served for 2 years in the Japan Sapporo mission, Japanese speaking, and learned many valuable lessons there. I served in various capacities on my mission ranging from trainer, district leader, zone leader, along with various other roles as designated by my Mission President.

After becoming discernibly fluent in the language, I developed a language learning program for new missionaries to help them start off with good habits that would help them develop the language skills necessary to fulfill their responsibilities as a missionary and alleviate a lot of the stresses that come from learning a new language.

Me with 2 of my trainee missionary companions

Post mission life/career

I returned to BYU for a few more years, first studying Mechanical Engineering, but later switching to Electrical Engineering. I have held a few different jobs since returning home from Japan in March 2014 ranging from Retention Specialist, Sports Events Producer at Spanish Fork Cable Network, door-to-door salesman, Technical Support Engineer and SMB Consultant. I am currently employed as a Customer Success Manager at Kenect and have recently purchased a new home near Maple Mountain High School.

I have also enjoyed travelling to various parts of the world ranging from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Iceland, along with various states within the US.


I have been involved in politics my entire adult life and even as a teenager. I distinctly remember following the 2008 election, as a 15 year old boy, praying for the success of Barack Obama as President despite disagreeing with him politically. I have done that every election since. I have always loved our country and regardless of those elected into power, I have prayed and hoped for our country's strength and success.

I closely followed politics and watched Presidential debates in subsequent years for both parties. I would also participate in gubernatorial debates as well, which are generally less viewed events, and required me travelling to view the debates in person. In 2016 I was elected in my Spanish Fork district as a state delegate. I fulfilled my duties as a state delegate to the best of my ability and attended all delegate events, including those for more local positions, including Utah State Governor, House, Senate, and other applicable public seats.

I proudly voted for Donald Trump in 2016 as well as in 2020.

Me in a nutshell

I am a Constitutionalist first, Republican second. I am not a fan of our "two party system" or the ways in which it has come about. I do not identify with many of those in the Republican party as they do not represent the same values I hold as a Constitution loving American.

I believe in the absolute smallest government possible, as well as the lowest possible levels of government spending possible, which tie into my desire for lower taxes. The government should not be involved in our daily lives, nor should we, as individuals, be paying thousands of dollars every year, if not more, for programs that do not benefit us specifically.

I also want to get money out of politics to the extent possible. Thousands of politicians have become rich by getting into elected positions, yet they are viewed as "public servants." If we want to refer to elected officials as public servants, they should either be serving in the sense of not getting paid at all, or getting paid LESS than the median income of their jurisdiction. Any monetary benefits that they or their friends and/or family receive due to their position(s) should be heavily scrutinized and made a public record, specifically when that individual seeks re-election. This should also include investigations into any potential "indirect" gain from the elected officials' other means of income, and how their office may have been used to pad their pockets through back-door means.

Overall, I believe we need much more transparency from our elected officials and more power given back to the people, the rightful heirs to the powers and freedoms granted to them by our God.